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ProdecoTech Electric Bikes

ProdecoTech is a premier electric bike company, founded in 2010, that builds high quality American-made electric bikes from quality globally sourced components from the industry's top brands.  ProdecoTech is one of the biggest names in electric bikes in the United States, having the largest market share of any electric bike brand in the US (according to Navigant Research in Q4 2016).

ProdecoTech eBikes are carefully constructed and inspected in the USA. Unlike most other electric bike brands, ProdecoTech doesn’t rely on overseas manufacturers to build their e-bikes. All ProdecoTech electric bikes are designed and assembled at the their 60,000 square-foot production headquarters in Florida, USA.

ProdecoTech Electric Bikes

Even with the highest quality components, ProdecoTech electric bikes are still among the most affordable electric bikes on the market, and are superior in features and quality to some e-bikes that retail for two and three times as much.

ProdecoTech electric bike models include a wide range of styles and features.  Whether you're looking for an electric bike for the beach, trail (off-road), commuting, or for everyday use, ProdecoTech has an electric bike for you, including several folding electric bike models.

ProdecoTech offers an industry-leading 2-year tire-to-tire non-prorated warranty and 100% in-stock replacement parts policy.

Electric Bike Zone is proud to be an authorized dealer of ProdecoTech electric bikes.