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Ride1UP Electric Bikes

If you're looking for a high quality, classy, and stylish electric bike at a great price, make sure you check out the e-bikes from Ride1UP.

First, the 500 Series e-bike from Ride1UP...  The Ride1UP 500 Series is designed for the everyday long-distance rider and has a very upright and comfortable riding position.  Available with two handlebar styles, the Ride1UP 500 Series electric bike features a 500W electric motor, thumb or twist throttle, LCD Display, and 9 levels of Pedal Assist.

New for late 2019 is the Ride1UP 700 Series electric bike, a refined 500W e-bike with high-end features!  Available in two frame models, the XR Step Over and the ST Step Through, Ride1UP brings together high-end e-bike features including a hydraulic fork and hydraulic brakes, fully integrated battery, 9 levels of Pedal Assist, front suspension, and a Full Color LCD Display, all at a great price!  It is available in two color options.

The Ride1UP Roadster Ghost's strength is urban commutes.  It's a simple, refined e-bike available in blue or black for under $1,000!