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Discount Codes

Save money with the following Discounts when you purchase from Electric Bike Zone!

Here's a Discount Code for an additional $100 off any order of $1,500 or more!

$100 Off Discount Code = ZONE100

Or, you can use a Discount Code to save 5% off your entire order!

5% Off Discount Code = ZONE5

However, certain e-bike brands don't allow us to advertise discounts on their bikes, so unfortunately, the following brands are currently excluded from our advertised discounts:

BAM Power Bikes

EMOJO Electric Bikes


QuietKat Electric Bikes

But, when you contact us, we can give you our best discount!  Just call us at 740-324-5375, chat with us on our site, or email and we can help make sure you are getting the best price on any electric bike that we sell.