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Ride1UP Series 500 Electric Bike FAQ's

Ride1UP Series 500 Electric Bike FAQ's

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The below Frequently Asked Questions apply to the Ride1UP Series 500 electric bike.

Will this bike fit me?
Due to the drop-down frame style, this bike is a great fit for riders 5’4”-6’4”. It comes in only one size and it does fit most (between the range listed) rider heights. The sizing is based on typical inseam length with a step-over height of 28".

Is replacing a flat tire difficult with a hub motor?
Not with the Ride1UP 500 Series. There is a disconnect cable right along the chain stay, so the rear wheel with the motor can be taken off and serviced with the only added difficulty being the disconnection of the cable.

Are the bikes water-proof?
The bikes are not water-proof, but they are water-resistant, rated IP-65. While we do not recommend leaving the bikes out in the rain or riding in the rain or other hazardous conditions due to personal safety, the bikes can handle water exposure.

What is the expected lifespan of the battery?
This depends significantly on how the battery is maintained. Under healthy conditions, the battery is rated for 800 cycles. This could last 5 years or longer depending on use and storage/care of your battery.

Does the bike need to be charged when it first arrives?
The battery will likely arrive 80% charged. ONLY USE THE CHARGER PROVIDED. Using another charger could cause serious damage. Whenever the battery is drained below 30%, be sure to recharge immediately and not store the battery with no charge as this will cause a reduced life of your battery.  

What is the realistic range of the 500 series?
The range is affected by a variety of factors; wind, surface, rider weight, tire pressure, bike tuning, surface grade, and by the amount of pedal assist. If you are 170lb rider using only the throttle without pedaling on a smooth surface with no headwind, you can expect a range of 25 miles. Pedal assist high: 25 miles. Pedal assist low - 50 miles.

What battery is used?
The Ride1UP 500 series uses a 52-cell arrangement of LG M26 18650 Lithium Ion batteries in a Reention Dorado 48V enclosure; the most widely available electric bike battery pack in the United States. It is lockable and removable and includes set of keys and a USB charger port. You can buy back-ups or replacements online at your own risk. Be sure to buy the right size and verify it is 48V. Failure to do so could cause severe damage.

Can I buy other batteries, and are they easy to switch?
Yes. The 500 Series uses a generic Reention Dorado battery integration system. This is not exclusive technology, and there are a number of brands who sell the same battery packs. Added packs MUST be 48V. Battery dimensions are 46.5cm x 6.5cm x 11.5cm. 

What is the gearing ratio?
14-28T rear cogs and 42T single front cog/chainring.

Can you ship to ______?
We are able to ship all over North America. Continental United States is Free. Hawaii and Alaska is $200. Shipping to Mexico and Canada is a flat $50.