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Wing Bikes Returns & Warranty Policy


To help ensure that your Wing electric bike is exactly the right bike for you, Wing Bikes offers a 10-day, no questions asked return policy on all bikes (only if in new condition).

The following conditions apply:

You’ll pay a one-time $95 fee on any bike return to cover the return shipping costs. Returns can only be made with the original packing materials, so hold onto all original contents of the package. You must ensure that the bike is returned in new condition and that everything is safely packed.

You'll receive instructions on how to properly re-pack the bike, and will need video and photo proof of proper repacking before authorizing the return - damaged product returns will result in fees and are left to the discretion of Wing Bikes. Wing Bikes' return policy is valid 10 days from the date of delivery. The bike must be in brand new condition for the return authorization to be approved.

If you have any questions about Wing’s return policy, please contact us or Wing Bikes directly at



Like any bike, a Wing bikes will require regular service to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride through its lifetime. Whenever possible, we recommend taking your Wing bike to a professional bike shop for service. Please be sure to review the owner’s manual for detailed safety and service instructions.

All Wing bikes and their components carry the following manufacturer warranty with the original owner:

  • Frame – lifetime.

  • Battery – 1 year or 800 complete cycles (our battery is rated to deliver 80% of initial capacity after 800 complete charge/discharge cycles)

  • Electronics – 1 year.

  • Parts (excluding tires, tubes, brake pads, cables & housing, and grips) – 1 year.

  • The Wing Warranty is only valid in the United States.

All WING products carry a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.  This is only applicable to the original owner of the bike. 

Wing Bikes may elect to not accept or authorize return of products that are not in their unopened, original packaging, or have been altered or modified with third-party or aftermarket parts or components. Any unauthorized returns may be treated as unwarranted requests.

Once the product has been returned to Wing Bikes and has been ascertained to be complete (including the product box, with the unit in its original packing materials) and undamaged, your purchase price, less $95, will be refunded to you.  Wing Bikes does not refund any shipping costs, and may have to charge you extra if your original real shipment costs were greater than our invoiced amount.  Note that if the product is defective, you may either request a refund or an exchange (per the 1 year warranty).

Wing Bikes cannot guarantee that they will accept returns that have not been authorized by us. This guarantee is limited to one refund on one product per customer. No refunds will ever be given after 1 year from the original delivery date.

The 1 year manufacturer's warranty states that, for WING BIKES, parts and components, if the product fails in normal use (with no "customer-induced failure" and no customer changes or modifications to the product) within the first 1 year of ownership, then Wing Bikes will refund or replace it (at their option) at no charge to you except for your cost of shipping it to Wing Bikes.  The warranty does not apply to bikes purchased for commercial use. International orders must pay shipping, handling, and any import or export related expenses for both directions of the shipment.  For most U.S. orders, there are no shipping charges for the shipment of the replacement to the customer on warranted product, if ground shipping is selected.  

Please contact WING Customer Support to obtain a return authorization number and shipping instructions, and to determine if this warranty applies to your case. We cannot accept returns that have not been authorized by us.

Please note: We never warrant WING products with electronic or mechanical components that have been modified or altered, or replaced with third-party parts, or products that show any signs of misuse. 

Refund and replacement are your only remedies under the warranty. 

Your only remedy under the warranty is the above mentioned refund (1 year satisfaction guarantee) or the replacement (1 year warranty) of your eligible WING product as described above.  Neither this warranty nor any other warranty, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, shall extend beyond the 1 year warranty period.

Under no circumstances shall WING Bikes be liable for any special incidental, indirect or punitive damages or for any consequential damages, even if WING Bikes knows or is informed that such damages are possible.


Please contact Electric Bike Zone to assist you with filing a Return.  The manufacturer can be contacted directly for a Warranty Claim.  Please register your electric bike with the manufacturer upon receipt of your e-bike.